The Hamptons

In a similar fashion, you might associate summer travel to the Hamptons with hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic and an almost out-of-control peak season rush. One New York Times columnist described the negative effects of the 2015 pilgrimage to the Hamptons, which in addition to buses and cars now counts airplane and helicopter flights from Manhattan among its brigade: “airport-related noise complaints spiked to more than 400 percent last summer as, the town reports, helicopter flights increased nearly 50 percent.”

Luckily for off-season vacationers, winter travel to the Hamptons is relatively quick and painless, and there’s significantly more breathing room upon arrival. The winter population shrinks to less than half that of the peak summer crowd, and local businesses adjust their operations accordingly. For instance, while some restaurants do close completely in the off-season, many stay open but reduce their open hours from seven days a week to just four or five days. Even in the absence of summer tourists, permanent residents provide a steady stream of demand for local fare.

Popular nightlife establishments also see a significant drop in demand in winter months, but many do keep their doors open year-round. The Star Room, for instance, cuts its cover from $35 to $15 during the winter and brings in around 500 to 600 people each night, just 25% of its normal attendance rate. Area hotels also offer hugely discounted rates — for example, the 1708 House hotel offers rooms for between $150 and $275 each night during the offseason.

Broadly speaking, then, these tourism-reliant locations survive the off-season by fostering an agile approach to fluctuations in supply and demand, planning for seasonal changes and finding creative ways to supplement income during slower months. With a mindful approach to supply chain maintenance, it’s possible to weather even the harshest winters on the island.

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