Widespread Resistance to ELD Adoption

ELDs have existed for some time, but few trucking companies have voluntarily adopted them. This reluctance can be largely explained by the trucking industry’s current labor pool. Not only is there a general shortage of qualified truck drivers in the United States, but the turnover rate among employed truckers is consistently high. Consequently, trucking companies must do everything in their power to attract new drivers and retain their best drivers. Since many drivers believe that ELDs enable significant overreach from their employers, most trucking companies have acceded to their drivers’ demands and avoided implementing them.

As a result, many trucking companies were unprepared for the federal government’s announcement, and are now scrambling to comply with the ELD mandate by the December deadline. Even now, with the deadline looming, trucking companies remain frustrated with the requirement, as many argue that the associated costs will weaken their bottom lines.

Making the Most of the ELD Mandate

While their irritation is certainly understandable, ELDs will make trucking companies more efficient and effective in the long run. By integrating the accurate, easily-accessible HOS data collected by ELDs with their existing transportation management systems (TMSs), trucking companies can vastly improve every aspect of operations from dispatching trucks to organizing records. It can also guarantee compliance with labor laws, preventing companies from incurring costly fines.

Any company working to maximize the efficiency of their mandatory ELD will need to do their due diligence and search for a solution that meets their broader business needs. Fortunately, companies like Prophesy can help trucking companies identify an appropriate solution to all of their challenges.


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