A Pretty Sweet Job

But it’s the Oompa Loompas who are truly the engines of the chocolate production process. The chocolate that pours from the springs is released in an unsweetened form, and it’s the cadre of orange laborers from rural Bavaria who are in charge of sweetening and thickening the molten cocoa to make it acceptable for consumption. It’s essential that only the Oompa Loompas do this work, as the chocolate must never be touched by human hands.

Most of this chocolate will continue down the Chocolate River, through the Tunnel of Terror, and to the Room of Invention. Observers will notice a series of pneumatic tubes that protrude from the pond up through the air, puncturing the ceiling before jutting off in a variety of directions, carrying chocolate of various viscosities and colors to unknown and unseen locations. This tube system is the network upon which the creation of most of the non-Wonka Bar confections rely. The tubes operate under immense pressure and are even capable of delivering a large human person to any part of the factory.

Once the chocolate has been delivered to the right place and crafted into its final form, the magical process has more or less run its course. At this point, the candy is ready to be touched by human hands and is transferred to workers who package the confections into boxes, which are then loaded onto trucks and distributed throughout the world for joyous and often copious consumption.

After the candy has been readied for shipping, the rest is in the hands of transportation companies, who dutifully work to ensure that each delicious shipment reaches its destination on time. After all, it takes more than magic to bring a Wonka Bar to your local grocery store: it takes the hard work of regular people to connect distributors around the world to that famous river of chocolate in Munich.

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