A Year-Round Gig

Despite the grueling Warped schedule through the summer months, Lyman doesn’t take the winter season off. After a few weeks rest in late August, he hits the ground running on September 1 to begin constructing next year’s hit lineup. The truth is that Warped is, at its core, a passion project: Lyman told Get In Media that it’s only turned a profit on ticket sales once in its entire two-decade history -- which means that he has to spend all year doing the hard work of attracting sponsorship deals, building countless industry relationships, and generating raw hype for the half million fans who attend each year.

But it’s a bet (and heroic effort) that’s paid off. Warped is the longest-running music festival in American history, and in conjunction with Vans, has created one of the most storied sponsorship deals in memory (they first teamed up in the tour’s second year). In a market that’s saturated with big name festivals, it’s hard to stand out -- and even harder to weather constant industry fluctuations without skipping a beat. It’s a testament to the music, but also proof that strong supply chain logistics are ultimately what keep the bands playing, year after year.

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