New Life for Ugly Produce

It’s not just traditional food retailers that are seeing an opportunity to change the way produce is perceived.

Two recently-founded companies, Imperfect Produce and Hungry Harvest, deliver boxes of “ugly” fruit to customers who are happy to receive perfectly good product at a significant discount. Imperfect Produce’s popular Instagram account spotlights the unconventional beauty found in nature’s less standard offerings.

Palo Alto’s Bon Appetit Management Co., which caters to local universities and company campuses, buys uglies straight from the farm and incorporates them into Bon Appetit culinary creations. After all — if an apple pie tastes good, no one cares if the apples used to bake it were a little misshapen.

Such inventive methods of food product reuse present myriad benefits for retailers and suppliers, reducing waste along the supply chain and providing a cost-effective alternative for consumers in search of cheap, healthy eats.


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