Logistics and Cleanup

Mardi Gras requires some serious supply chain management, as well as plenty creativity. The irreverently named AirPnP charges a fee for people to use the bathrooms of apartments in the city, in the same style as AirBnB. The local TV station has even created a parade tracker app that allows sightseers to congregate at just the right spots along the route — the app is even used by the police and EMS.

And at the end of the day, it’s the city of New Orleans’ responsibility to make sure everyone gets home safely, and that the streets are cleared for the daily commute during the groggy morning after. At midnight of Fat Tuesday, the police gather in the French Quarter to clear the crowds. Then cleanup crews pick up trash and use pressure washers to clear the streets. Next, the crews apply thick green liquid to deodorize the streets and then rinse everything off with another round of pressure washing.

By morning, the streets are squeaky clean, marking the beginning of Lent and the end of the world’s biggest party.


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