Planting a Colony

After a three- to six-month trip to Mars, the first colonists will be tasked with forging the way for future inhabitants. They’ll have to establish sources of energy, probably thorough solar panels or methane plants. Food could be transported from Earth, and grown by farmers, botanists, and a pressurized greenhouse — a process that could take some time to establish. Supplying the Mars colony would likely mirror the complex and precise supply chain that NASA relied upon to supply the International Space Station.

The Mars Colonial Transporter’s trips would happen every two years when the planets were aligned, bringing new colonists to Mars and returning colonists to Earth to share their stories with a curious Earth-bound audience. For now, this is just an intergalactic pipe dream — but if Elon Musk realizes his vision, a Martian supply chain could be in our (not-so-distant) future.


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