Crowd Control, Security and Event Staff

Various technicians and coordinators set up the communication systems in the hours before kickoff. All wireless equipment must be on the field four hours before kickoff, all equipment must be tested three hours and again two hours before, and printing stations and tablets must be installed two hours in advance of the game.

Security personnel meet with the referee and game officials 100 minutes before kickoff to review emergency procedures and address any final concerns. Security personnel are then dispatched throughout the stadium, where they are expected to remain inconspicuous unless an incident arises.

As for the players themselves, they’re required to be in the city eighteen hours before kickoff, may only begin warming up an hour before, and must return to the locker room no more than fifteen to twenty minutes before the game begins. So as to monitor players for injuries, various medical professionals are stationed across the field in the hour before kickoff.

All this goes to show: preparing for an NFL game is no walk in the park. When everything works, however, the finished product is seamless, leaving little trace of the complex logistics behind it. With its strong, well-coordinated supply chain, the NFL knows how to ensure that every game is action-packed (and logistical disaster-free).


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