Crisis of Catering (and Transportation, Lodgings, and Lineup)

By the time the festival staff opted to switch from opulent lodging to disaster relief tents, the event was less than a month away. Then, the festival’s organizers parted ways with Starr Catering Group, the high-end caterer they’d booked for the event. Rather than paying the elite food service’s 6-figure bill, organizers claimed they could find another high-quality caterer at a much lower price (spoiler: they couldn’t).

Disaster struck again the day before the festival, when headliner Blink-182 dropped out. According to the official statement released by the group, they were worried they wouldn’t have everything they needed to deliver the quality of performance they always promise their fans.

What happened next was the perfect storm: the entertainment and caterer had bailed, but the festival-goers were still on their way. Poor budgeting, inadequate communication, and an unrealistic timeline resulted in a disastrous event. Instead of partying alongside the elite and spending a glamorous weekend soaking up the sun, unlucky ticket holders found themselves fighting over sandwiches in the sand, stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere without easy transportation back to the mainland.

Can They Get It Right Next Time?

Their first event may have gone down in flames, but that doesn’t mean the Fyre Festival is finished! According to the (admittedly biased) festival organizers, 81% of festival-goers will return for the festival’s 2018 premiere, since they received VIP passes in lieu of refunds. Although a comeback seems unlikely considering the volume of pending lawsuits, here’s to hoping festival organizers beef up their logistical know-how should they get a chance for round two.


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