Hub-a Bubba

The steady growth of the coffee industry in a globalized economy is making shipping hubs and smaller ports all the more important. Internet-based tracking and tracing solutions are proving invaluable to both coffee buyers and sellers, and the mechanization of container loading and unloading. Once they reach a roasting plant or silo, a single worker can open the doors and cut the liner, slowly discharging the beans at an automated speed. A job that once took many hands and many hours now only takes a matter of minutes. And the beans are roasted to specification.

From these silos and roasting plants, the coffee beans are packaged and shipped to grocery stores and coffee shops around the United States for your convenient purchase. With the supply chain management services like those offered by HighJump, you never have to go a morning without your daily dose. Even if the impending coffee shortage does take place, HighJump will be there to face the challenge, making sure the beans get from the ground to your cup.


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