Streaming in Technicolor

In 2016, revenue from streaming subscription services surpassed revenue from physical media formats for the first time. In addition to competing for market share with DVDs and Blu-Ray, streaming services are transforming the movie-going experience, forcing studios and distributors to rethink how film distribution works.

Increasingly, distributors release films via an online on-demand service within days of the film’s release in theaters — a strategy which has generated major profits as more and more viewers prefer to view films from the comfort of their own homes. With streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu beginning to develop and distribute their own original content, these giants could soon become real competitors to the Old Hollywood “Big Six,” further disrupting the film distribution supply chain.

As new methods of film distribution arise, studios and distributors are adapting their supply chain processes to better accommodate the demands of today’s viewers. As a result of these innovations, movie buffs and cinephiles have more and more opportunities to watch their favorite movies wherever they are.

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