Predicting Passenger Needs

In order to plan for their passengers’ massive need for supplies, cruise ship operators make use of big data to analyze passenger trends and predict traveler behavior. According to an article by Condé Nast Traveler, the popular cruise line Cunard uses a passenger’s nationality as a factor in determining what type of wine they’re most likely to prefer.

In addition to this helpful background data, specialized analytics are used in real-time to determine passenger eating habits. For example, Royal Caribbean employs head counting technology that can alert crewmembers to when and where passengers are going to eat. This ensures that kitchens are prepped and ready to serve hungry passengers during peak serving times.

These sophisticated analytical tools, coupled with the manpower of countless crewmembers and suppliers, ensure that the only thing passengers have to worry about during their vacation is getting a sunburn -- everything else is smooth sailing.


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