Harvest and Transport

Once the avocados have matured, the time is ripe for picking. Interestingly, the fruit does not ripen on the tree, which means there is only a small window of opportunity during which they can be harvested for market. And harvesting is an arduous process: each and every avocado must be hand picked from the tree at heights of up to 50 feet, with the help of only a ladder and clippers. Needless to say, it is a labor-intensive pursuit.

After being clipped, the avocados are transported in bins to a packing house, where they’re stored at cold temperatures for quality preservation. Workers then hand-check the fruit and sort them by size before they are, once again, hand-packed into tubs (although newer facilities have incorporated automated machines). Known as lugs, these tubs house the avocados during their transit from the farm to supermarkets everywhere.

The Importance of Logistics

Because it’s absolutely critical that avocados stay at consistently cold temperatures during transportation, well-planned logistics are a must. All points of transfer must be up to date regarding the location and ETAs of the shipments, and unloading has to be conducted in a manner that minimizes spikes in the surrounding temperature.

This means that planning and execution must be nearly flawless in order to deliver the delectable fruit in pristine condition. So next time you’re devouring a scoop of guacamole, remember what it takes to get those avocados from the pit to your dip.

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