Finding the Right DSD Solution

A DSD solution streamlines your delivery chain, increases flexibility, and decreases time spent on administrative tasks. No longer will wasteful printouts dictate the way you do business — instead, your invoicing will be crystal clear and accurate up to the minute.

Particularly in the past 5 years, supply chain technology providers have become more and more interested in creating proactive solutions. Not only do DSD solutions keep your data organized, they also make useful recommendations based on patterns. Through predictive ordering, up-selling opportunities, and smart administrative suggestions, DSD solutions are well worth the initial investment.

Grocery delivery service CobornsDelivers understands that the right DSD solution isn’t just about selling more — it’s about creating room to grow. After upgrading to a HighJump WMS solution, principal architect Kelly Westmen reported that Coborns had optimized put-away, improved its same-day deliver service, and was able to better monitor key metrics that facilitated consistent, accurate, and on-time order fulfillment. For businesses like Coborns, that’s what the right technology can do. It’s not just a question of what helps you here and now — a sophisticated DSD solution will continue to support your business far into the future.


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