But That's Not the Most Amazing Part

The most subtly jaw-dropping element of Amazon’s zippy delivery service is the great machine that you don’t see -- the labyrinthine, computer-controlled logistics network that, rumor has it, has a global reach rivalling even that of fedex. with each click to order, millions of moving parts (and an army of amazon workers) are engaged across continents and seamlessly orchestrated in an automated, mozart-like supply chain symphony.

Take anything in the world -- a shirt, a basketball, even a one-ton armored safe -- and Amazon can have it packaged, delivered, rebuilt, and signed-for by tomorrow -- all for a fraction of the price it would’ve cost if delivered by one of the other major industry players.

Yet even with an operation that’s reaching unprecedented heights of efficiency, Amazon is constantly aiming to improve its delivery services. But we can only wonder what’s next: flying drones? Self-driving cars? everything is on the table -- the only question is whether humankind is prepared for what mind-blowing innovation the ecommerce giant will introduce next.

Stay tuned, everyone!


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