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What SupplyChainX ™ is all about

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When most people hear the words "supply chain", one of two things happen: their eyes glaze over with a look that says "I'm no longer interested…" or they cock their head and say, "Oh like trucks!"

Supply chain and technology touch our lives each and every day, from the shampoo we wash our hair with in the morning to the coffee dates with friends to the nightlights that keep the monsters at bay. Oftentimes it is like a silent partner, making sure you can pick up dinner after class or have pizza delivered on movie night. Most of us hardly think about the millions of moving pieces and thousands of transactions that occur every single day to keep our lives humming along smoothly.

SupplyChainX™ is here to change that. From the basic concepts to in-depth expertise, our goal is to make supply chain relatable and understandable (and maybe even a little sexy). Our promise is to deliver intriguing and insightful commentary expanding perceptions and exploring the unlimited frontiers of our world. And to translate that commentary into practice, we offer business and computer consulting services to help reach your supply chain, product distribution, and operations management goals, and to effectively leverage related software systems to achieve the highest efficiency.

We welcome you to "Raise your supply chain game™"