Challenges to the Kings of Temporary Real Estate

Despite the proliferation of e-commerce and online shopping in recent decades, pop-up Halloween shops have continued to thrive. By offering a unique retail experience and knowledgeable employees to assist with the process, these stores offer something that simply can’t be found online. Customers want to be able to try their costumes on, make sure they’re the right fit, and assemble all of their accessories before purchasing -- a luxury not provided by the e-commerce experience.

Spirit Halloween entered the marketplace 30 years ago, and this year, they will have 1,050 stores, 750 corporate locations and 300 consignment operators, speaking to the wild success of this seasonal business. So when you see the various Donald Trumps and Star Wars characters running around on October 31 this year, you can bet that a successful Halloween pop-up shop is behind the magic.


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